TW Lighting Vegas Booth

Quickly after I started at TW Lighting, I was tasked to create their Trade Show booth from scratch. After choosing the quick solution to the cost of building materials, and the idea of shipping that to Vegas from the east cost here in Massachusetts, we cane to the conclusion to do a paper wrap around a rented trade show booth.  The booth was 30' x 10', and was trying to stand out from the normal crowd at the LightFair Trade Shows. After much deliberation, (seen in the many mock ups below), I focused on reworking old masterpieces (Girl with the Pearl Earring, Mona Lisa, American Gothic, etc) with the TW theme of each lightbulb being its own 'Masterpiece'. As shades were donned on the works of art, we also sourced sunglasses with a TW Logo on them to hand out at the booth as well.  Overall, the feedback from the booth was great. Many of the passerby’s would walk by and notice a work of famous art, and be drawn in by its size and quality of the print, as well as questions about the sunglasses. TW Lighting faired very well at the trade show booth, and was very well received in Las Vegas. 

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