Graphic Designer - VJ - Graffiti Artist - Visual Philosopher 
New York City

Hi, and welcome! I’m Pat McWain, NYC-based graphic designer and artist and if I would have, to sum up what I do in one sentence, this would be it:

 Creative pursuits and collaboration bring me true joy, and I endeavor to reinforce a sense of enthusiasm, respect, and positivity to any workplace I am a part of.

I believe it is my job to be relentless in the exploration of new possibilities.
Being equally focused in both fine art and digital design, I look to express new relationships between these virtual and tangible worlds through color, image, composition, pattern, and interaction.
I love to work with people who are open to the world and all its perspectives. The ability and continually change, evolve, and form into are ideas that I hold dear to me, and are ideas that need to be understood and accepted in this ever changing age. I can bring ingenuity, new ideas, new perspectives, and awesome artwork to the table. Let's talk.
Please feel free to shoot me and email or check out more of my work at my Behance.
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