2016/2017 New Orleans Brochure

I was tasked at TMD (The Marketing Division) to create a New Orleans 1 page brochure. Last year we had a 16 page brochure, but decided this year to just do a simple 1 page, front and back, to cut costs and grab attention in a different way. The challenges in this piece were to keep the SANGER Theatre style, while also keeping the content as fresh as possible. With so much information to put on 1 page, space consolidation also became a hurdle to overcome. By placing the SANGER marquee sign, the hope was to remind patrons old and new of the theatre in its physical form, running most of the page length. Keeping that image the biggest, it allows an easy path for the eye to travel up and down the page. The back was difficult to push all the information needed, but quick grid work allowed me to swap when needed. ‘

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